We are asking you to help write upon the life of a child. 

Practically, we want to give each child we work with a mat of their own. We want to be able to do more one on one directive sessions. We are looking to do more in-service training events.

We are asking you to partner with us as we step into servicing more children in need.

We look forward to your story intertwining with our story. More than that, we look forward to your story touching their story. We will keep an active list of our sponsors on our Facebook page. We will keep an active list of the activities and testimonies that emerge because of your sponsorship. There will be children receiving services, teachers and administrators learning new techniques, and communities coming together to inject life, hope, and strength.

Kids are amazing. Amazing Kids Yoga celebrates these realities. Make their story part of your story. Let’s stand under them, so they can stand!

Donate today!

One time donations or monthly partnerships are welcome!