There are four words that my heart and ears; oh, who am I kidding? My entire being feels it! When children and adults make the articulation of the Living Mangaliso Mantra, everything in me smiles.

Our story is a long and beautiful one, crossing over many a terrain and assimilating many a reality. Explore getting to know us by going to our website, LivingMangaliso.Com and by pre-ordering/ordering our book, AMAZEMENT.  For our purposes, we will step into that saying; “making a long story short.”

I’m Mims. I am passionate about children. I wasn’t always. I am the mom of six children, all of mine biologically. It was never my dream to be a mother. I am so glad for the journey. I was not the quintessential lover of children.  I am a champion of all things childlike.

There wouldn’t be a Living Mangaliso nor a mantra had it not been for children. One could say they have been my champion, too.

I had stepped into a personal yoga practice.

My two youngest children watched me leave for the studio to take class after class.

They would ask about yoga.

There was no children’s yoga in my area.

I would google search, “How to teach yoga to kids.”

I would land upon a page that offered workshops.

I would ponder the reality of taking a 30-hour workshop that would certify me to teach kids yoga. I would end up taking a 200-hour yoga teacher training. There was an emphasis upon children and family. There was a modular on teaching special needs children. I was hooked.

As one who had had a trauma background, I knew personally the benefits of the principals and practices of yoga. Learning to move my body and take deep breaths, while incorporating meditative and mindful realities had brought immense healing into my being.

Towards the end of my yoga teacher training, there would be a day where I would be sitting on the floor in the yoga room.  Next to me was a beautiful woman from South Africa. She had become a dear friend. In my gut, I knew she would have a word. I knew the word that she would know would be the name of my business. I thought that it would hold the reality of childlikeness. I had thought too small. Upon asking her, “Is there a word in Zulu that holds the reality of childlikeness?” That was my question.

Her answer would change my life.

She would respond that there wasn’t so much a word as a phrase for childlikeness; however, she would say, “Mims, when I look at you, I see the word Mangaliso.”  The moment that word crossed her lips, my heart was branded. Forever changed. The reality of the word would captivate all that was within me; it’s meaning, “You Are An Amazement.”  The potency of the phrase was the placement of emphasis. It is not about me. It is not about my company. That was utterly important to me. I was brought to awe and wonderment. Which is what amazement means, “a moment of great surprise or wonder.” 

I have a healthy sense of self.

My delight that Mangaliso’s reality was about others wasn’t self-abasing. It was celebratory. That is my heart. The voice cry of amazement is to champion that reality within others, until they can do it for themselves. I am not looking to take up residence in another’s life. I am not looking to be the expert. I want the human being I am working with, be it child or adult, to be the expert of their own life. There are those that need help to get there to that place. Who am I kidding? We all do! We all need another hand to hold, another heart to believe for us what we can’t just yet!

I want to be that hand. I want to be that heart.

I can’t do it alone.

We need you.

I stand convinced of the immensity of help that comes forward from the principals and practices of yoga. The reality of movement, meditation, and mindful practices changes lives.


What does it do?

I’ll tell you our story. I’ll let them tell you their story. I’ll ask you to join us with your story.

The gift of giving a child, who doesn’t know how to regulate themselves physically or emotionally, those abilities is larger than life. It is handing to them, the belief that they can do it for themselves. They can regulate their body. It is their body to regulate. They can take deep breaths. It is their body and their being to fill with a strong, deep breath.

What I can’t do is change all of their life circumstances! I can’t do that. I can’t guarantee each one shelter and safety. I can’t promise any of them that harm won’t cross their path. I can’t do that for anyone. No one can.

I can provide for them resources.

I am not talking about exterior ones. I had the exterior ones. As I child, I did not lack for physical needs. What I lacked was a sense of self. I had no interior strength. There were situations that would be endured. The ripples felt deeply into adulthood. It would be the principals and practices of learning how to move my body, take deep breaths, and be ever more mindful that would carry me ever deeper into personhood. It didn’t change that which had happened. It did change everything about me.

I have watched children as young as 2 take to the realities of movement, meditation, and mindfulness. I have watched them change before my eyes. I have seen the tears in their parent’s eyes as they have witnessed an unfolding.

It is not hocus pocus. There is no magic here and yet, there are magical moments.

I tell a child that it is their body.

A child gets to hear it is their breath.

They get to hear that they have options of movement, options for focus. Nothing is extracted from them. Possibilities are held out to them.

This… This is our story.

We know that movement, meditation, and mindful practices hands a gift to all humanity. Adult or child, we celebrate life. We stand by ancient principals of stillness, silence, rest, trust, kindness, and compassion. We know that these heal trauma and restore lives.

We want to reach children.

We need your help.

We want to empower other adults to bring these principles and practices to each other and to the children in their care. We are doing that! We want to do even more!

We work with the child who has known trauma. We work with the child who has known illness. We work with children who are just growing up in the 21st Century, with all its business and complexities. We work with the children who know lack and need due to socio-economic issues. We work with the children who have Cerebral palsy or MS. Across the spectrum of autism, those with ADD or ADHD, and other learning complications; we are there. We are there for the children and their caregivers.

That’s where our story glides off to the side.

This is where we ask you to read their stories.

This is where we ask you to consider adding your story to ours. More importantly this is where we ask you to consider adding your story to theirs.  Perhaps a one-time donation. Maybe you would be willing to contribute monthly. We will bring our supports to children in desperate need of learning how to self-regulate. We will hold out tools that empower the child to focus, grow their own attention, find their strengths. Grant to them a new perspective that they can indeed find their feet and walk successfully into life.